• Don't touch spikes
  • Touch the flower to gain "Honey"
  • Press Z to place a block of Honey
  • When spikes are stuck to Honey, press X to detonate the honey and destroy them
  • Destroy all spikes to clear the level
  • There's something out there too powerful to get stuck to honey... but, if you detonate honey while they're touching it, you can still defeat them!

Advanced Tips:

  • Get an extra life at 5000 points
  • Blow up multiple spikes at once to get bonus points
  • Spikes can't hurt you if they're stuck to honey

Honeyblast is a game I made in Construct 2 Free for My First Game Jam Jan. 2016!

It's a sort of Arcade-style Platformer in the vein of Mario Bros or Bubble Bobble. You play as a bee who has to, uh, summon honey blocks? that explode? to defeat the spike things that I guess are bad.

I kinda just came up with the idea of getting enemies stuck to something and this was the best way I could come up with to rationalise it.

Have fun!?


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This is really good! Perfect gameplay for an arcadey kind of game. Took me a bit to do it, but I beat the boss. Really cool concept!

wow!! cute and unique idea!

I really had fun playing your game! So far one of my favorites

Liked the idea of the game!