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Hi! Since I got RPG Maker MV on sale, I figured I might as well use it. So, I've started making a sorta simple RPG for fun. It's completely made up of the built-in assets, or at least, this demo is, but I think I can still make something pretty good.

This currently-unnamed game is basically gonna be a mashup of a bunch of stuff I like about JRPGs. So far it stars Lettuce, a regular ol' villager with dark powers, and her best friend Zerachielle, a winged catgirl. They decide to go on a trip to beat up a mean wizard, but it may lead to the kind of big adventure Lettuce used to dream about... a journey involving magic crystals, an evil empire, a bunch of twists, and like, probably two other party members.

This demo covers the intro up to the end of the first dungeon. Let me know if anything's broken, or if there's any awkward writing or whatever.

Well... some of the writing is awkward on purpose, as a joke. In that case, I guess you should let me know if it's not a good joke.

UPDATE 0.1 OR SOMETHING: I think a plugin was making it broken oops.


EveRPGDemo_Win.zip 172 MB
EveRPGDemo_Mac.zip 306 MB


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Not bad for your first posted RPG MV game(?). Also headcanons:
The mom can't speak a :( and hides her sad emotions.
Zera is probably gay for Lettuce.

Thanks! I've messed around in other RPG Makers before, but this is the first thing I've made in MV.

You're probably right about both your headcanons.